PastaFit Branding

The Challenge

The Challenge for the project was brand a pasta company and design packaging for their product.


Branding the company was my first step. Being that the company sells pasta, I had to find a USP (unique selling point) that would set them apart from all the other companies that sell pasta. Knowing how large the pasta industry is and seeing that there has been a lot of health trends going on, I decided that this would be a healthier pasta. From this, I decided on the name Pastafit.

Now with that decided, I needed to design a logo that would portray that healthiness and appeal to the correct demographic. I began this process by doing some research, looking at other health brands and seeing what different styles they were using in their logos.From there I began to do some sketches, so I could have my ideas and concepts on paper.This made it very easy to choose the best of each concept and put together the logo graphically.


Designing the package started simply with choosing what the packaging’s shape and dye cut would be. With the Pasta being spaghetti and the logo having a wheat theme, it only made sense to have a taller box and have a piece of wheat as the dye cut. Now that I had a box I needed to come up with a color scheme. Once again I did some research and looked at health and pasta brands to see what colors they used.

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