Graphic design is without a doubt a great field to be in.There aren’t many careers that you have the opportunity to create amazing pieces of art, while working from home. Making your own hours, and get to use some of the newest technology out right now.

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But what many people do not realize is that even though this is a great exciting career, it comes with it’s share of challenges. With being a designer you must be ready for constant change. This industry changes constantly and you never know when or why it is happening, for this reason you have to follow the trends and make sure you know how to incorporate the new styles into your designs. Another big thing people don’t expect coming into this field is that your work is constantly under critique, and not everyone is going to value the work that you may have put into a design. As a designer you have to learn very quickly that you have to take everyone’s opinion and find the good in it, then see if you can grow and learn from the mistakes you have made in the past. The biggest problem people have not only in the design field but in all fields is that you have to able to meet deadlines. If you are running your own graphic design company your work and how you handle your clients is what will make or break you. Your clients are relying on you to get their projects done on time so they can move on to whatever step may be next for them. The responsibilities of being a designer can change everyday you just have to be ready.

Below are some thoughts from other designers and some challenges they are ran into:

Jason Moroney

“Pricing can be one of the trickiest parts of graphic or web design. Many times young designers or even freelancers, it’s easy to shortchange yourself by not charging the appropriate amount. Portfolio work is very important! But after part of your career you need to carefully price your work! Even at the risk of losing a potential client. Check the market you’re working in and price competitively. If your work is good then clients will be happy to pay for the quality you can provide.”

Matt Spring

“A major issue I see frequently is people significantly undercharging for their work which is ultimately undercutting and taking business from other designers. It is also devaluing their own work and they could potentially be making much more money.”

“Employers asking to be fluent in specific older versions of a program, mainly asking for experience in older versions of photoshop and Illustrator (CS5 and lower) which limits our workflow and capability in terms of application technology.”

Stephanie Billington

“Clients will come to you but will not be sure of what it is they want. So they will give you as a designer creative freedom to design something for them, but when you show them their design they want to make changes that will hurt the design. You must find a way to get them to see what they are asking for is not going enhance the design but only hurt it.”

Scott Nedeau

“Multi-channel Marketing; when you have to design something that works for a large majority of people done both quickly and effectively.”