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Recently in my education I was shown a new type of imagery called Cinemagraphs. A Cinemagraph is a simple animation that is very similar to a GIF. The difference between the two is that a Cinemagraph is a seamless clip that can be repeated forever, while a GIF typically repeats but tends to have an endpoint that you can clearly see.

To create these Cinemagraphs is fairly simple. I created mine in photoshop, and all you need to do is import you video clip into the program. From there you will want to create a new layer, and select the frame that you would like to be frozen as a stamp on this new layer. To make the stamp you can press the keys (Shift-option-command-n) while on the new layer. Now you will want to align your stamp’s frames to the video’s frames and make sure they are both the same length. Finally while on the layer with the stamp you will want to select the first frame and then create a layer mask. You will want to paint over any area that you would like to see the motion from the video clip underneath. The key to making this work is to only paint over the areas that have motion and keep everything that needs to be ¬†frozen clean.

I have come to notice that Cinemagraphs have become a very popular trend in fashion, but that is not their only purpose.¬†Being that my current internship is a marketing position I am always looking for new fresh ways to show info. With saying that I found that these animated images could be used for many different marketing purposes. You could use these as banners on your site, in emails to engage people to see what you’re talking about and possibly get them to interact with your site. I believe that Cinemagraphs will be a big part of marketing in the future, what do you think?

For more examples of Cinemagraphs feel view to view my portfolio.