Explainer Video

The Challenge

The objective of this project was to create an Explainer Video to market a select product on the web. The project needed vector graphics and many different assets, I used several programs to create it including  adobe After Affects, Adobe Illustrator 3D modeling software, and Cinema 4D. The last thing that was needed was to incorporate live video clips in with the animation so I had a complete piece.

Design Process

The design process for this project was a bit more involved than many of my other projects. Before I could even start to think about assets I had to first decide what it was that I wanted to convey with this project, so I first wrote a script. The script then became a storyboard, which ultimately ended up being a road map for what it was that I wanted to do and had to create. Once all this was determined I could begin creating assets. I started in Illustrator where I found the style I was going to use, from there I went into Cinema 4d. Here I modeled the GoPro camera which was very important due to the fact that I planned on showing a 360 degree rotation of the camera in the video.


Animating this piece was the major challenge of this project,  due to the fact that the video was fairly lengthy and the amount of moving assets that were needed. Since I made assets previously when it came time to animate I didn’t have to wait to start setting my key frames. Using my storyboard I built each section of the final video, piece by piece, while leaving the necessary space to import my live video clips.

Video Production

The video production portion of this project was the most exciting part. To do this, a friend and I took the actual product into different environments to record footage. In the final piece I wanted to show two sides of the camera. The first was the adventure side which is shown in the clips of someone skydiving and snowboarding. The other is the everyday uses, which is shown in the young boy enjoying the day on a swing.

Final Production

To finalize this piece I took all of my assets, my animation and my video and finally put them all together just as I planned in my storyboard. Once this was done all that was left to do was to render out the final piece to share with the world. In the end I had completed a highly informative piece that is a great example of how you can use video and animation together, to market and sell  a product.

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