Title Sequence

The Challenge

The ChallengeĀ of this project was to create a title sequence that could be used as an introduction for a video on how to apply a clear film graphic. This project needed to be created in Adobe After Effects and needed to include some sort of 3d elements that integrated well with the other 2d assets. The only other requirements were that it must include a title, and three credits throughout the sequence.

Design Process

The first step I had to take in this project was deciding what was going to happen in the sequence. Once that was decided I could move onto building assets. I started with the 2d assets which I created in Adobe Illustrator. These assets were the most important because they were going to be my background which would set the stage for the entire sequence. As you can see in the image above I created the scene using many different layers so that later I could give each asset a sense of depth.

3d Modeling

The next step was to build my 3d models that would later also get animated to interact with the 2d assets that I have already created. For this project I designed 3 different 3d models, the first is the squeegee that you see above, the other two models were a spray bottle and a rag. Once created I had to texture or color the models, then I added lighting and cameras to each to make sure I got every shot that I needed.


Once all the assets were built it was time to bring them into Adobe After Effects to be animated. As I said before there are both 2d and 3d assets in this project and they will all be animated. What made this project challenging was the fact that the 3d assets were not only modeled in Cinema 4d, but also animated in the program. This is possible because, After Effect has a Cinema 4d plug-in that allows you to import live animation from Cinema 4d. With this though, it has some down sides. You cannot directly edit the 3d model from After effects, you must go back into the Cinema 4d working file and make your changes there. Afterwards the After Effects file will update with all the changes.

Final Production

With all the assets built, and the animation done it came time to render the final sequence out. The sequence was designed to be an opening credit for a How-to video for the company Sihl Inc. on how to apply their new clear film ClearSol.

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