In the design world it is a constant struggle to find new and different ways to stand out from the crowd. I have found that when meeting with different people and showcasing my work that every little thing you do counts. People notice things like how you were dressed, what your business card looked like, and especially notice when you have tools or shortcuts that simplify a process or same them time. An example of this would be to create your very own personalized shortcut, that would be on your mobile devices like an app and link to your website. 

  • Create a favicon image ( These are typically 512px x 512px and contain your branding )
  • Upload your favicon to your website 
    • In WordPress this is typically done through your appearance menu where you go Appearance > Customize > General Settings > Site Identity ( This could vary with the theme being used )
  • Open website in browser on mobile device
  • Hit the share button at the bottom of your screen which will open a menu
  • Select the button that says add to home screen