In the digital world every company should have some form of a website to connect with their customers, and clients. With every one having their own sites they each need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. This leaves companies with a need for a SM/SEO Professional.

A SM (Social Media) / SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Professional is a person who can enhance a website’s or webpage’s ranking and build interest in a company. Social campaigns which can be started and run right from social media sites, and then branding certain words along with the company to create more organic searches on the web.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO of Vayner Media does most of his social media campaigns through video blogging. This is a get way to interact with people. When it comes to social media marketing content is king. This means that as a company you have to produce interesting and informative media for your customers to relate to. What better way to do that than have a video so that people can put a human face with the companies name.

Aaron Lee is a great example to show how content is king. Aaron does not to anything that is totally out of the ordinary, besides the fact that all his posts are on the topic of marketing and how you can enhance your own marketing. Aaron is using your need for constant information on how to stand out to market himself and build his audience on his own pages.

Marsha Collier on the other hand does the complete opposite of Aaron Lee. Marsha uses just about every resource she can get into to promote. She uses video, podcasts, articles, she even  interacts with many people on her social channels to answer questions that may come up. This makes it so that everyone and anyone can hear what it is she has to say, no matter how they prefer the information delivered.

Depending on the company each of the techniques used by the SM/SEO professionals above can be used and tailored to a specific need. What is important to keep in mind is that as a company you want to be different from the next guy so you must produce something that is of value to your customers. Find ways to keep your customers engaged with what it is your talking about and sharing your information so that others will learn to trust your brand. This will build a strong brand awareness and eventually lead to new potential customers.